Have you ever notice how car keys of today are thicker than years ago? That is because today’s keys are “transponder”. This technology is used by manufacturers since 1995, to avoid car robbery. The reason that the transponder keys are thicker, is they carry inside it an electric chip. These electric chip have the function of communicating with a device placed near of ignition. The system is so perfect that the transponder key answer to the correct password, the car starts. But if the key isn’t programmed with the ignition system, the car will not start. This fantastic system recreates endless passwords to verify is the keys correspond. When you have any problem with your car key, you must call a locksmith to reprogram your car. Locksmith is the professionals prepared to solve problems related with keys of any type. You can call locksmith if your car keys don’t work or are broken or you’re locked outside your house or event to increase the security of your house. Locksmith city can offer urgent services of high quality.

The most common problems related to the transponder key is when, besides using the correct key, the car don’t start. Many reasons can make your transponder keys stop working, per example, it could be a manufacturer defect. If there is not much time that you bought your car, it may still have a warranty. If don’t, one authorized locksmith can help you. Another problem you may have if by mistake you insert the wrong key in the ignition. This can mix up the system or even damage, resulting in the immobility of the car. Locksmith city usually works 24hours per day and can help you in the emergency. You must take care of your transponder key and the ignition to avoid expensive surprises.

If the worse happen, like the key broken or you’ve lost, the problem is bigger. You’ll have to replace the key and ask a locksmith to reprogram the system so that the older key don’t work anymore and guarantee the safety of your car. If you had the terrible experience of attempting of steal your car, it’s possible that the ignition is damaged. Locksmith can also fix the ignition and replace the keys. In any of this situations, is important to ask the locksmith a spare key. Spare keys are important to save you in unpredictable situations, like locking your keys inside the car. If you have the spare key, keep it in a safe place, separate from the daily one. You can use the spare key to open your car in this kind of situation. If you don’t have a spare key, the locksmith can access your car without damage and open it. Locksmith is prepared to accomplish this kind of task with any danger to your car. The important is keep with you the contact of a reliable locksmith to possible emergencies and to solve any kind you doubt related to the security of your cars and general.